SAUNA II Lab system


Due to the fact that high sensitivity can be achieved with the beta-gamma detection technique, the SAUNA laboratory system can be suitable for re-analysis of xenon gas samples. The laboratory system is a manual system for quantification of the amount of stable xenon followed by an activity measurement. Because of the modularity, it is quite easily fitted to different laboratory needs.



SAUNA II-L (Swedish Automatic Unit for Noble Gas Acquisition Lab) is a semi-automated system for analysation of radioactive xenon gas samples. The xenon sample is quantified, and radioactive isotopes are detected. The isotopes 133Xe, 135Xe, 133mXe and 131mXe are detected with a sensitive ß-γ coincidence technique.


SAUNA II-L transfers a gas sample from an archive bottle, quantifies the amount of stable xenon, separates other gases, and performs an activity measurement of radio xenon. The system consists of four modules: the archive transfer unit (ATU), the gas chromatograph (GC), the Sample Transfer Unit (STU) and the detection system. The whole process is controlled by a PLC and data is processed and saved on a PC.